Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Horsemeat Scandal has IKEA by the Balls

I have no real reason to post about the news that IKEA has discovered horsemeat in its "iconic" swedish meatballs. I just wanted to write that title.

It is curious that IKEA, which ships these meatballs all over the world to their famous little restaurants inside the stores, somehow knows that the horsemeat is only in the European meatballs, and not in the US or other meatballs. If they just figured out there was horse in the European balls, how can they know anything about the general supply chain at this point?

Knowing how some people really love shopping at IKEA, and the sense of well-being it brings to them, I send my condolences out to those whose illusions have been shattered by this event.


  1. I wasn't eating meat back in the days when I shopped there, but I always heard great things about the meatballs.

    Not no more though.

  2. I only went to IKEA once and I was too confused by the presence of the restaurant to consider eating there.

  3. Too confused, lol. It's a maze of a place, or it was when I shopped there. I don't think I ate because I was too much of a snob back then.