Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beating a Dead ...

My glee for horsemeat-related news will eventually taper off, I assure you (or since we're talking about perissodactyls I should say tapir off -- rimshot), . Until that day...

In the process of researching an Italian tile with a saint on it that an uncle in Ireland owns, I came across a post about horsemeat in Iceland by Yrsa Sigurdardottir at Murder is Everywhere, a blog by 7 crime writers I've never heard of. She opens the post with this:
In 2007 Romania banned horse carriages on its roads. As a result there were lots of unemployed horses around. Fast forward to 2013 and the food scandal that has rocked Europe. Turns out that the Romanian horses are showing up in lasagna and other prepared foods supposed to contain ground beef.

In Iceland we do not shy away from eating horse meat. We do like to know when we are being served it and would not like to be sold beef and get horse. I do not know if it was because of this or because we did not want to be any less vigilant that other European countries but Iceland decided to do testing of its own market. The results were pretty darn good for most of our producers as the ingredients proved to be in check with the labeling. There was only one exception actually, a company that specialized in making meat pies – that were supposed to contain ground beef. I am going to keep you waiting a bit before telling you what the meat pies actually contained.
Building up the suspense, she then kills me with the fake or "troll" logos people had proposed for the shitty meat-pie company -- -- even before they were exposed as totally shitty. Even though feelings about eating horses vary among cultures, the reaction to straight-up corporate bullshit is universal. A taste:

Good old Icelanders. Have a look at the post for the denouement to the meat-pie mystery.

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