Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Central PA Wegman's Moment

This afternoon I was shopping at Wegman's, which can be frustrating at the tail-end of some sort of "Penn Stater" type weekend where adults and children are staggering around drunk at midday and vomiting in the gutter. I remained generally calm, despite the bovine masses slumping along leaning on their carts as if they were paddling through warm molasses -- and as if that was a special privilege of theirs.

I got to the checkout line and things were moving along well. Then there's a pause and the checker (a student) holds up a bag of some round bright red objects with some leaves attached.

Checker: Gaahh... Uhn?

Me: Those are radishes.

Seriously? Radishes? Don't they use flash cards in elementary school anymore? I'll cut them some slack for, say, a turnip vs a rutabaga or even a parsnip vs a carrot. But radishes?

Poor kids. They deserve better.

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