Monday, October 29, 2012

First Central PA Casualty of Sandy: Wine Supply Shutdown

I left the lab earlyish today as everyone is hunkering down for this epic storm, and figured I'd get a few things that I might need for a few days if things get really bad. I stocked up yesterday on most things, but I thought "I should get a couple of bottles of wine just in case". And of course, because it's all state-run wine and liquor stores here -- and they'll be closed for no reason at all let alone for a good reason -- they're closed by 4pm, if they ever opened today. UGH! I'm an adult, what is wrong with this state? My resentment makes me imagine that there are a bunch of folks on the liquor control board making moral judgments about what things people need and don't need to weather a storm. Like they shut down the liquor stores in State College to reduce the debauchery around "State Paddy's Day" last March. Which Bell is here? What? The LIBERTY BELL? Oh yes. What? Bill of Rights, Constitution? What?

So I manged to get an ordinarily extraordinarily over-priced 6-pack of beer. Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA. This reminds me of California, where you can buy anything you want in a grocery store and people assume you are an adult (behaviorally). Or if not, that's your own business as long as you don't make it somebody else's business.



  1. I wonder where the Pannsylvania tight-ass-ism around booze come from? You'd think they might want people to be well-stocked on booze before a potential natural disaster!

  2. I've heard it originally stems from the Quakers, and since then folks have been reluctant to change the laws. But why the state is in the business of selling (or not selling) wine and liquor at all is baffling to me. Especially when you drive outside of SC and all the campaign sign are for Ron Paul. How there can be this much libertarian sentiment and the nanny state still thrives is hard to understand.

    They were closed again yesterday as well. And it's rained all of about 2 inches here.